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PHPMass Framework - Free Business Web Solution

The PHPMass Freamework is a flexible PHP Object Oriented System made to be the base of PHPMass Products, or for any other similarly web solution. More informations cand be found here

What are the PHPMass Products?

PHPMass Products are PHP Object Oriented Software Packages made so satisfy the various companies needs on the internet.

The PHPMass Framework actualy is the foundation of the rest of the PHPMass Products and is made up of variou well organized software libraries.

The PHPMass Cart is the latest product, a Shopping Cart Software made especialy to satifsy the need of a small-medium company to sale products eficiently over the internet.

In fact, the Shopping Cart is structured in 2 parts: - the frontend and - the backend. The frontend is the presentation part structured in 2 sub-parts: - the presentation subsection that holds the products, organized in categories, makers, specifications and searches; the user subsection that includes the shopping cart, purchases, orders, favorites, support and account informations. The backend (administration) offers you tools for managing the products catalog, orders, sales, specials, comments, discounts, users and website translation and maintenance.

Please check the products page for more informations.

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